Beauty Sleep.

How essential is 'beauty sleep' for retaining your beauty and that healthy glow of your skin? Pretty important, if you take into account the ill effects that can arise out of inadequate sleep. Our body cells grow and multiply during sleep. A good sleep lends a vital, healthy glow to your skin. 

It also helps to refresh and rejuvenate yourself for the day that lies ahead. Lack of sleep can result in bloodshot eyes, a feeling of tiredness and improper digestion. Inadequate sleep can also result in dark circles beneath the eyes in the long run. It may also give rise to dry skin and wrinkles. 


Here are some tips that will aid to bring on sound sleep at night.
  • Regular exercise is helpful in keeping stress hormones at bay. A 20 minutes brisk walk before bedtime keeps the stress hormones from disrupting your sleep.
  • Don't sleep with the lights on. Turn off the lights or put on a soft night lamp.
  • The room temperature should be comfortable enough. Sleep patterns tend to get disrupted if the room becomes too hot or too cold.
  • Do not take heavy meals before going to bed. This causes uneasiness and tends to disrupt your sleep pattern.
  • Do not drink coffee or other caffeine enriched drinks before going to bed.
  • Do not eat sugary snacks before going to bed. This will increase the blood sugar level and disrupt sleep.
  • Put on light music or relaxation CD's before going to bed.
  • Avoid watching television before going to sleep. This tends to stimulate the brain and you might have problems in falling asleep.
  • Reading a book before going to bed aids to bring on sleep. However, if you are reading a suspense thriller, the reverse might be true. It is good to read about something spiritual or religious before going to bed.
  • Do not take alcoholic drinks at bedtime.
  • Taking a hot bath or shower aids to bring on sound sleep.
It is called 'beauty sleep' for nothing. A good night's sleep does for you what no beauty products or facials can ever hope to achieve.