Looking Good For That Night Out On The Town.

In this tip, we go over the perfect recipe to look good when your out and about.  We’re gonna cover tips from head to foot, and everything in between.  This can be used of formal occasions, but can also come in handy for just a night out on the town.
First, we’ll start with your hair.  The big question here is… up or down? Well, when it’s all said and done, you know your hair best.  As for me, I like to straighten my hair and put up a bob in front.  It just looks good on me.  I know some women look cute with the curvy look.  Stick with what works best for you.
Next, would of course be the face and makeup.  My first personal rule of thumb is to never over do it.  Try to keep it as natural as possible.  I’ve seen too many beautiful women cover up a beautiful face by burying it in makeup.  I would recommend using a concealer on your face over using foundation.  The problem with foundation is that it can give your face that mask-like look, which is far from beautiful.  Besides, concealer is usually cheaper.  Your main focus on your face however should be your eyes.  A couple of tricks to help make your eyes stand out would be first, a cute eye shadow.  I personally like the purple-metallic look, but go with what best fits your eyes.  You should also go with fake eye lashes.  There are a wide variety of lashes out there, so be creative and find which ones work best with the mood you’re in.
I would also recommend getting your nails done professionally, if you can afford it.  Not only can it be super relaxing, they typically have a ton of colors to choose from, so you can pick what ever color best suits your mood.  If you can’t go down to your local salon, then go down to your local beauty supply store, or walmart, to select the color of your choice.  I would go with a darker metallic color, as it says you are a woman who is in control and knows what she wants.  And the double whammy would be to match up your finger nail color with your lipstick!
You should always be taking care of your body by moistruizing and exfoliating, but you want to be careful about the time of day because you want to avoid irritaion.  Just make sure you always have a bottle of your favorite lotion handy.  Smooth skin is super sexy!  The last bit of advice would be your perfume.  In this regard, I’m sure there’s not a whole lot that I can say to change your mind, as I’m sure you already have your favorite fragrance and know what you like but, whne ever it comes time to pick a new one, I would recommend you find a real honest friend, that won’t be afraid to tell you what smells good and what doesn’t.  It would also help if it was a guy, as men and women have a different sense of smell.