Homemade beauty tips for hair.

Hair is your crowning glory and hence, you can’t simply ignore them. Healthy hair is sign of health and beauty. Homemade hair care recipes will help you keep your hair healthy and shining. These can also prevent issues like- dandruff and premature graying.

Brown sugar

Dandruff is caused by dry and flaky scalp and hence, keeping it moisturized and clean is the best way to prevent dandruff. Brown sugar scalp scrub will let you keep your head clean. Mix two parts of brown sugar with one part of conditioner. Lightly rub the mixture on your scalp. However, you must be careful not to tangle your hair. Rinse your hair thoroughly with water.

Moisturize with honey and olive oil

Moisturizing your hair regularly is an important part of your hair care regimen. Hence, you must not avoid moisturizing your hair even if you have oily hair. If you have dry hair you can benefit from adding olive oil and honey to your regular conditioner.

If you have dry hair then you can also benefit from using mayonnaise on your scalp. Apply it on wet hair. Wash your hair thoroughly and shampoo if needed and style accordingly.