Air Dry Your Hair:

If you often blow dry and process your hair with flat irons, curling irons or hot rollers your hair is probably ready for a break. All that heat and processing can leave your hair dry, brittle and very damaged.
Give your hair a much needed break and let it air dry naturally. Think of it as a vacation for your hair.
The first step for air drying is to use hair products for air drying instead of blow drying; a good absorbent towel is also a plus. An absorbent towel will suck up excess moisture and speed up dry time. A good leave in conditioner will keep your hair from becoming frizzy.
Use the absorbent towel to remove excess moisture then gently blot your hair dry. Do not rub your hair. Rubbing will damage the strands and cause frizzy hair and split ends. You want to keep the hair shafts as smooth as possible.
If your hair tends to become flat or too frizzy from air drying you can fluff it by finger combing or pull it back with big clips. I like to pull my sides back in two large clips to add volume to my hair while it is drying. Once it is dry I pull out the clips and have natural volume and waves.
Use products suitable for the texture of your hair. Fine hair works best with mousses and sprays, curly and wavy hair respond best to gels and creams. Find a great product suitable for your hair type that also helps combat frizz, this will help keep your hair under control while air drying.
After you find products that work well for your hair and you get the hang or air drying you will love it. Every time I air dry my hair it has a completely different texture than when I blow dry it. It is softer and so much shinier. Air drying is a vacation for your hair and a styling option for you. It gives you a chance to try a different style and it gives your hair a break from over processing.