Top Makeup Tips.

Worldwide a revolutionary change has been observed in cosmetic industries. More and more industrialists are now interested in manufacturing cosmetic products. The simple reason behind this is that it brings huge profit. People love to do makeup. Everyone wants to look fabulous and makeup is a way to improve the features of your body. According to numerous face type, skin type, skin tone, makeup products should be chosen. To pamper your look with mind blowing style, you need to know some makeup tips. Right information and correct application of cosmetic products can gift you that flawless beauty. 


Indulge yourself in analyzing your face type. If you will apply the makeup properly, it may help you hiding the flaws and highlighting the attractive parts of your face. Try to understand your facial structure and follow the instructions given below-- 

Oval Shape Makeup Tips

If your face is oval, you are lucky. Its an ideal structure for performing makeup. You may shape the eyebrows in an original arch. For lip makeup, you may outline the lower lip. It will feature the lips with fuller look. The natural line of the upper lip can be defined also. Apply blusher on the cheeks in “C” shape and blend up properly to the outer corner of your eyes. 

Diamond Shape Makeup Guide

Such facial structure is characterized by a narrow forehead and chin. Along with it, wide cheek bones are also noticed among such face type. To exfoliate your diamond facial shape, you may apply darker shade of a foundation. Apply it to the outer side of the cheekbones and continue towards the outer corner of the eyes. To add stylish attitude, use lighter shade on the forehead and on the chin. The Give a shape to the eyebrows which will be looked like apart from its middle portion.. Other parts can be kept as natural arch. 

Makeup Guidelines for Round Shape

Making the forehead narrow, you may add style on your appearance. Choose dark foundation and apply deeper shade on the side. On your jawline you may apply a dark color foundation. For making the cheeks look narrow, you may choose blusher for the cheekbones and be sure that it is blended towards the temple portion. Inside of your lip line, apply lipstick. Shape the eyebrow in a sweeping manner. Apply brow pencil. It will make the eyebrows and eyes look longer and bigger. 


  • First use cleanser and make your face clean.
  • Apply moisturizer on the face and apply concealer.
  • Use a foundation which goes well with your natural skin tone. Look for a smooth effect.
  • Add powder on the face and bring shine and glow.
  • Choose a gel blush or cream blush to enjoy natural makeup. Gel or creams are so much transparent, therefore, they give smooth effect on your face.
  • Shape the eyebrow in accordance with your facial structure. Use eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and prepare with a proper eye makeup.
  • Outline the lips with lip liner and add color on the lips applying lipstick. The color should be matched.
  • Opt for a shade in lip gloss which is little deeper than your natural lip color. You may go with a sheer, rosy gloss indeed.
  • Using a tinge of shine powder, you may enjoy a wonderful makeover for an evening party.