Holistic Beauty the Balinese Way.

Indonesia is a mystical paradise comprised of an incredible 17,508-18,306 islands in this grand Archipelago, with only 8844 of them named according to the Government of Indonesia. There are so many myths and travelers' stories told, so many magnificent natural wonders there, and so much unknown about this massive series of Southeast Asian islands.

The Indonesian mythology is replete with Mahabharata magic, including imagery of Garuda (lord of the sky), the mythical bird-like creature found in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Originating in India, epic tales such as this have been historically featured in dance and the visual arts and are deeply integral to an understanding of Indonesian culture.

Bali is still the destination that conjures the imagination with a tropical swirl of all that paradise should offer: Southeast Asian cuisine, beaches, all things exotic and a chance to re-energize exhausted bodies and minds. Bali has become, in the minds of many, the place that best represents the most memorable Indonesia experience. This island offers some of the most holistic approaches to improved health with reduced stress through meditation, yoga, massage, reflexology and a multitude of extraordinary spa treatments for body, hair and skin.

Expect to find Ayurvedic (Ayur= "life," veda= "knowledge") treatments for any number of ailments in Balinese spas. The list is exhaustive in its content from "vaginal smoking" to a "third eye" treatment, no remedy is overlooked in caring for body and spirit in this journey. The spa treatments you can receive for rejuvenated skin and body are nothing short of miraculous with results that seem to halt the visible signs of time and the aging process for more youthful appearance.